Introducing ActiveData Solutions Inc, a rapidly growing financial service company dedicated to providing innovative financial solutions that enhance productivity and customer service for our clients. With an expanding range of services, we cater to a diverse clientele including private organizations, consultants, corporations, architects, technology firms, government entities, diplomatic circles, and esteemed social VIPs.

Position Overview: We have recently introduced TradeSure, a service similar to escrow. Simply put, we validate payments made by clients, companies, or organizations to their customers and securely transmit the funds upon successful verification. Our clients entrust us with their customers’ payments, which we receive by mail. Using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, we meticulously authenticate these payments before forwarding them to the intended recipients. As the demand for our premium services continues to surge, we are faced with the challenge of meeting this growing demand.

Due to the limitations on daily payment processing imposed on us as a new company, we have decided to explore outsourcing options. This is where you come in as our payment processing officer. You will be responsible for processing payments, facilitating fund transfers through your bank, and ensuring timely disbursement to the designated customers upon successful processing.

Handle payroll and issue payment checks to clients and employees.
Receive and process customer Wire / ACH / E-Check transfers.
Handle customer payments made by certified checks.
Ensure prompt and efficient payment processing.
Conduct Wire/ACH transfers to recipients within the US/Canada following payment processing.
Manage the procurement, distribution, and dispatch of official documents.
Maintain the security and confidentiality of official documents, records, and files.
Requirements: Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of company files.

Work for 5-8 hours per week while maintaining a regular job.
Weekly salary of $6000.00.
Earn a 7% commission on every processed payment.
We seek an individual who is dedicated and efficient, demonstrating diligence and swiftness in carrying out the assigned duties. Your weekly compensation for this position will amount to $6000. If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly complete the form below, and we will contact you at the earliest convenience.